In a way, all of us small business owners are entrepreneurs. We work with a lot of small businesses in very diverse industries and this client is no exception. The owner saw a need in the community that was within her field and went for it. Today she is a sought after provider of services for children with autism or related disorders.  

We have been with this entrepreneur since the beginning and watching this company grow and expand has been a wonderful experience for our team.  As with many other small business owners, we work with the company and the owner as one unit. We understand the needs of the business and the needs of the family. Providing for these goals while also maintaining a solid accounting foundation has allowed this client to make good business decisions without having the understand technical accounting rules or even traditional business practices.  We take care of the  accounting, payroll and tax processes even providing for a system to manage employee time and expense that flows directly to the Company’s accounting software to make client billing painless and quick.

Entrepreneurs are busy people, especially those with families. We offer these clients an opportunity to focus on the business and not spend what precious time they have thinking about bank reconciliations or payroll tax returns.

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