Dental Practice

Something we love about working with small businesses is getting to work with owners as they start up new ventures. In 2010 we began working with a dentist in the area as he was in the developing stages of opening his own practice.

The solutions we’ve put in place for this client are a great example of what we enjoy about small business work. In the beginning we worked with the owner to develop accounting processes and procedures as well as develop some projections based on patient flow and average fee rates for the area. 

Our work with this practice is an excellent example of our approach as we take a holistic view of the business, the owner and family to develop sound financial plans for growth.  Many decisions made within small businesses directly impact the owners and their families. With this client we’ve worked with the owner on every major financial decision from financing, facility build out, equipment purchase and acquiring staff.  While the day-to-day bookkeeping is done in house we integrate, on an ongoing basis, the accounting and practice management data to create a full financial picture. We manage the payroll process and provide ongoing tax planning to give the owner all of the advantages of a CFO and controller, without the associated cost.

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