Collision Repair Center

One of our very first clients, this Nashville area automotive collision repair center is a perfect example of how we can augment the internal processes with our services and grow the business.

This company takes care of it’s own daily bill paying and collections we add our expertise to theirs to allow for payroll processing and financial oversight. Taking these traditional roles and adding our CFO services we provide the Company knowledge resources to deal with the financial issues that arise as they grow.  Each month we reconile the bank accounts and fix any entry errors in their accounting software, prepare sales tax returns and process payroll. 

Collision repair is different than a lot of industries in that most employees would rather be paid with paperchecks at the end of each week. What would normally be a costly service for the company from large payroll processors is a quick click of a mouse. Our online payroll site let’s managment create and print paychecks each week while we are able to maintain control over the more technical aspects of payroll tax withholding and payment as well as the payroll tax return filings.

In addition to providing payroll and accounting services, we offer this client our experience as a tax advisor and forward thinking CFO. When it comes time to make financing decisions or to purchase new equipment, we provide the analysis and advice to make the best decision possible. We use our relationships with banks and others in the business community to pull together the best options for the client. When it’s time to review bank lines or employee benefits we’re at the table with owner working through the numbers.

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