Fortune Fifty Company

This project is unique for a number of reasons but the main difference between this and most of our other work is the size of the client. It’s rare that local firms ever do projects for the Country’s largest corporations so we feel somewhat special for being able to serve the needs of this client.

Our project is a pure old-school tax preparation engagement. While we talk mostly about new approaches, we are at our core tax and accounting experts. While the project is old school the client is in a relatively new and growing health care related field.

This project allowed our firm to really flex our tax preparation muscles and prepare, review and e-file or process nearly 200 federal, state and local income tax returns.  In today’s economy, corporations are under tremendous pressure to reduce overhead and that sometimes means off-shoring jobs or requiring internal staff to take on greater than normal workloads, neither of which are great long term strategies for a productive and profitable workforce.  We were able to offer this client an opportunity to meet a pressing deadline without adding to their own overloaded internal staff or exceeding their corporate budget. 

Members of our firm are familiar the internal workings of corporate accounting and tax departments as well as the challenges they face with increasing regulation and reduced budgets.  We find that being able to augment the internal staff at these clients offers a benefit many firms are unable to from either lack of experience or lack of flexibility.

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