Statewide Not-for-profit Organization

We work with a lot of nonprofit organizations, such as this client that provides for advocacy and support within the mental health community.

One of our earliest clients, we continue to serve this nonprofit in a finance director type role. While we never make decisions on behalf of management, we design, implement and manage processes to assure all of the organization’s requirements are met.

Our firm handles all of the accounts payable for this rather large and complex organization using a online application ( see post)  that allows management to view and approve invoices online. This system allows management to review current invoices and see past invoices and payments. Accounts payable had been a difficult process to manage until we implemented this system and now management has a real-time 24/7 access to the entire payables process.

While paying bills is usually at the top of a nonprofit’s financial workload, payroll is typically right below. We provide payroll services to this organization that allow for direct deposit, electronic payment of all taxes and filing of all payroll tax returns. Management’s only obligation is to approve timesheets and forward those to us for processing. Employees can even go online and pull up their check stubs and other payroll data so no time is wasted copying and distributing pay stubs.

In addition to solving two of the organization’s biggest financial challenges we also take care of all accounting and reporting, leaving managment to focus on the mission and not paperwork.

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