Monthly Archives: August 2011

Interactive Accounting

Accounting used to be a lonely process for small businesses. Many businesses would either hire a bookkeeper or have a CPA come in and do the books, make the payroll etc.  Accounting ain’t lonely no more (yes sometimes I really talk this way). With the advent of web based technologies,...
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Renovation (1st time not on my own home!)

We’ve started the renovations by knocking down walls and opening up the proverbial family room Our new site is intended to interact with you and not just become a platform to sell services or have you sign up for a useless newsletter. We’ll offer insights into what our firm does...
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Work in it or on it?

I am a firm believer in business owners working on the business not in it, so having experts managing the details while you, the owner, focus on the outcomes is a big deal.  When it comes to outsourcing your core accounting functions, you have to think in terms of opportunity...
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