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Technology is making waves in all industries and accounting services are no exception. New technologies allow for real-time collaboration between client and advisor. We can help your business take advantage of all the latest accounting tech today. Read More


Going beyond the basics to provide businesses and their owners the financial tools they need to grow. We take the numbers and custom tailor the client experience to achieve maximum results. Read More
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Our firm grew tired of the old site, so here we are rebuilding. We're doing it as we go so you can see our progress. Please feel free to offer us feedback on what you see here.


Welcome to AtnipCPA.

We specialize in accounting and tax services to small businesses, individuals and not-for-profit organizations.

Our mission is to help your business or organization reach it's maximum potential through proper financial management.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact us about anything.

Our Impact


We are all about relationship building. We are a part of your team whether you are a sole proprietor, nonprofit or small business.

We are your CFO, controller, bookkeeper, trusted advisor and business champion all rolled into one. We keep the finances in order while keeping eye on strategy.


  • Affordable Care Act – Surprise

    While most of what we know about the impact the Affordable Care Act will have on small businesses is related to tax changes and the insurance marketplaces there is another surprise for us. The practice many small businesses owners have of reimbursing certain employees for their cost of purchasing insurance is all but eliminated. IRS Continue Reading

  • Getting (and Staying) Excited

    I’ve always admired those people who are continually excited by what they do, it’s a talent that I do not have.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being an accountant, but I’m not always excited by it.  Bookkeeping and taxes are usually not too exciting, but they do offer an opportunity to discover ways we can Continue Reading

  • Interactive Accounting

    Accounting used to be a lonely process for small businesses. Many businesses would either hire a bookkeeper or have a CPA come in and do the books, make the payroll etc.  Accounting ain’t lonely no more (yes sometimes I really talk this way). With the advent of web based technologies, CPAs and small business owners Continue Reading

  • We started working with AtnipCPA when opening our dental practice in 2010. Michael came out numerous times and talked over ideas and processes with me. He’s...
    BF, -Dentist
  • According to Michael, my company is client #1. We started working with Michael while building our facility and we continue to work with AtnipCPA today. Michael’s...
    MVE, -President
  • My Company has been with AtnipCPA since we opened and we couldn’t be happer. Michael takes a big picture perspective and breaks it down into parts...
    KR, Owner
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